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2017-18 Form Updates - Maine

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The Maine Department of Education updated numerous Special Education forms for the 2017-18 school year. The following forms in your SameGoal account reflect 2017-18 updates:

  • Individualized Education Program (r0817)
    • Progress Report (r0817)
    • IEP at a Glance (r0817)
  • Written Notice (r0817)
  • Advance Written Notice of IEP/IFSP Team Meetings (r0817)
  • Specific Learning Disability Eligibility Form (r0817)
  • Speech or Language Impairment Eligibility Form (r0817)
  • Parental Consent for Evaluation (r0817)
  • Documentation for Excusal of IEP Team Member Whose Curriculum Area Is Being Discussed (r0817) [1]
  • Documentation of Agreement of Non-Attendance for IEP/IFSP Team Member Whose Curriculum Area Is Not Being Discussed (r0817) [1]
  • Form for the Determination of Adverse Effect on Educational Performance (r0817) [1]
  • Parental Consent to Invite Other Agencies to IEP Meetings (r0817) [1]
  • Summary of Performance (r0817) [1]

[1] NOTE: Most current form version not published to Special Education forms at time of post, but communicated through Maine Department of Education.