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Each district has a district-specific login page based on their domain (eg This login page is often linked to from the district website, enabling district users to navigate to it directly. However, there are cases where users benefit from an easier way to find their login page.

Effective May 6, 2019, the following login enhancements will be released:

  • A new “Sign In” button is located in the top right of the SameGoal homepage.
  • Clicking the “Sign In” button directs users to a separate login page. This login page contains a district directory menu that allows users to search for their district-specific login page.
  • For users that have already logged in from their current browser, the login page will automatically redirect to the district-specific login page for the district they last logged into. The associated district name and login icon will also appear.

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These enhancements will not affect existing usernames and passwords. Users will continue to be able to login directly from their district-specific login page. Learn more