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Planned 2017-18 Form Updates - Wisconsin

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The Wisconsin Department of Instruction has notified vendors of significant changes to Wisconsin's Special Education forms for the 2017-18 school year. DPI has purposefully released form changes in early May to allow software vendors such as SameGoal to complete programming changes over the early summer months. We recognize that DPI invests tremendous time in updating forms, and appreciate our partnership in ensuring districts receive these updates in the software in a timely, accurate manner. SameGoal expects to release the new forms in the software by Tuesday, August 1st such that districts have ample time to gain familiarity and train staff for the 2017-18 school year.

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Updated forms will have revision dates of 05/2017. Some of the revisions are very minor, such as adding punctuation or fixing formatting. Others are more substantial in response to district feedback or are the result of new language from test vendors. Updated forms will include:

  • R-1 Referral Form
  • IE-2 Initial Evaluation: Notice that No Additional Assessments Are Needed
  • IE-3 Initial Evaluation: Notice and Consent
  • RE-4 Reevaluation: Notice that No Additional Assessments Are Needed
  • RE-5 Reevaluation: Notice and Consent
  • ED-1 Existing Data Review
  • Evaluation Report
    • ER-1 Evaluation Report
    • ER-2A Required Documentation for SLD-Initial
    • ER-2C Required Documentation for SLD-Initial Using Significant Discrepancy
  • Individualized Education Program
    • I-4 Linking Form
    • I-5 Annual Review of IEP Goals
    • I-6 Interim Review of IEP Goals
    • I-7-A Participation Guidelines for Alternative Assessment
    • I-7 District-wide Assessment
    • I-7 ACCESS
    • I-7 ACT with Writing
    • I-7 ACT Aspire
    • I-7 Forward
  • I-10 Combined I-10-A and I-10-B
  • M-5 Consent to Bill Medicaid

Additionally, Form M-4 Parent Refusal of Consent will be removed. DPI created this form before the parent revocation right in IDEA (DPI Model Form P-5). It is no longer necessary.

Anticipated 2018-19 Updates link

Per DPI: At this time next year, DPI plans to remove the Worksheet for Determining Educational Environment Codes (Worksheet EE-1) from the IEP forms package. This worksheet will be moved to the environment code reporting webpage, as this is an optional worksheet and reporting on environment codes is a fluid process. Placement decisions are made by the IEP team at IEP team meetings, but the documentation of the code affiliated with a particular placement is an administrative function related to data. DPI believes removing this worksheet from the IEP forms will allow easier administration of code changes due to planned events (birthdays, change of schools and other things known to the IEP team), more accurate data reporting, and less burden on IEP teams. This is deliberately a slow transition to give vendors time to consider the best method for data collection for environment code reporting.