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PowerSchool Alerts Integration Update

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Date: 02/05/2018

PowerSchool release introduces a "Cross-Site Scripting" check that limits HTML tags and attributes which can be saved in the PowerSchool web interface. This check impacts IEP Anywhere customers using the PowerSchool Alerts and Document Viewer Integration.

Impact link

Districts that have upgraded to release 11.0.4.X currently see a "Cross-Site Scripting" error when saving on the "Other Information" page in PowerSchool for any student who has an IEP Anywhere alert.

To Resolve link

In the next 1-2 days, your district's alert integration will be automatically updated to use HTML that is compliant with PowerSchool's new check. However, this fix additionally requires that your IT staff updates PowerSchool pages to load a small script that (a) positions and styles alerts appropriately and (b) opens alerts when clicked in a new tab. Failure to complete the steps below will cause a blank page to be displayed when an alert is clicked after your district's alert integration has updated, no matter your version of PowerSchool. These steps may be completed at any time, in advance or after your integration has updated.

Required Actions link

The following steps are required by an IT staff member:

  1. Login to your PowerSchool Systems Administrator Account.
  2. Update the students wildcard:
    • Visit Custom Pages. In the Site Structure pane, visit wildcards > title_student_end_css.samegoal.student.alert.txt
    • Update title_student_end_css.samegoal.student.alert.txt to contain the following (simply add the script):
      • ~([01]Alert_SG) <script src="" async></script>
    • Click Save, then Publish.
  3. Update teacher pages:
    • Visit Custom Pages. In the Site Structure pane, visit teachers > studentpages > schedule.html.
    • After code like ~[x:teacherpages]</select></span>~[studentalert], you will see ~([01]Alert_SG). Update the file to include the script:
      • ~([01]Alert_SG) <script src="" async></script>
    • Click Save, then Publish.
    • Repeat steps a-c for quicklookup.html and any additional teacher pages you have added the IEP Anywhere alert to.

Additional Information link

For questions or additional information, please email