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PowerSchool Demographics Integration Custom Guardians Tool

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Date: 02/13/2018

New information and simplified tips for customizing guardian information have now been added to the PowerSchool Demographics Integration, step 6. A new tool to automatically generate a customized guardians.powerschool.html custom page based on the fields you identify in PowerSchool has also been released.

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These new tips and tool help districts update their PowerSchool demographics integration quickly and easily. Districts update this integration from time-to-time to include additional guardian information. This is particularly helpful when:

  • Your district did not setup custom guardian information initially and instead used the basic defaults, and you'd like to now update this.
  • Your district migrates from custom fields to database extension fields.
  • Your district experiences a PowerSchool update that accidently clears out your guardians.powerschool.html custom page.

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