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Recent and Upcoming Features

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As we look ahead to the 2018-19 school year, we wish to ensure our SameGoal community members are aware of recently added features and upcoming functionality. We are excited to continue streamlining the process of managing K-12 Special Programs for educators across the US!


Numerous features have recently been released. To explore these, learn how to enable them and discuss best practices, consider attending a Recent Features webinar.

  • Document Validation. Prevent users from marking documents complete if required fields have not been completed compliantly. A document "Check" tab directs users to missing and non-compliant information.

  • Electronic Signatures. Capture signatures electronically during meetings using your mouse, touch screen or trackpad.

  • Progress Monitoring Charts. Plot student data and scores from baseline to target. Easily determine if a student is on track to meet goals and objectives.

  • Real-Time Collaborative Editing. Work in the same section of a given document at the same time with other staff. View team members' edits in real-time.

  • Chat. Discuss documents, upcoming meetings and student progress within the application over chat with your colleagues while you work. Ideal for collaboration with staff at other buildings and when working from home.

  • Online Guides. Our online guides now contain many support videos to answer questions about features and functionality. These guides and videos allow new staff to quickly get familiar with the program.


New features and functionality will be added for the 2018-19 school year. The links below provide a preliminary look at some of the features in development. As new releases are made, companion webinar sessions will be made available to explore expanded capabilities.

  • Dashboard. A user and administrative dashboard will provide graphical tools to quickly surface timelines and coming due documents/actions.

  • Student-based alerts. Students with upcoming or past due documents/actions will display an indicator in the web interface for quick identification and timely resolution.

  • Reports. Reports for each Special Program will include the following categories, with expanded capabilities to drill down within the web interface:

    • Compliance - Timeline and due date reports
    • Management - Caseload and staff assignment reports
    • Insights - Document data reports