Implementation Guide


We are excited to have you join our community of public and private districts, charter schools, educational service centers, boards of developmental disabilities and state agencies using SameGoal. The implementation process can typically move as fast (or slow) as you need, as your organization will provide the information and access required to setup your accounts and implement the application.

NOTE: SameGoal partners with many information technology consortiums and agencies to provide application support. If you have purchased licenses through one of our partners, they may assist you in many of the steps below.


Additional options

1. Obtain login URL and initial administrative account

Each instance uses a unique domain. This domain is typically your email domain unless this email domain is used across organizations or your entity does not have one (in which case, an alternate is used). For example, if your email is, your SameGoal domain will be

2. Setup SIS Integration

We recommend organizations with 20 or more students setup at least a nightly demographics integration with their SIS. We will work with your IT staff as necessary.

3. Create user accounts

User accounts may be added in the web interface at any time. However, we recommend you bulk load users during implementation to save time by downloading, populating, then emailing users.csv to Tips:

You may include an unlimited number of users.

LDAP/Active Directory may be used by larger entities to manage users through their central server. From a teacher's perspective, LDAP enables him/her to remember only one username and one password across all district services. If you plan to use LDAP with SameGoal:

4. Schedule training

Training is available from both SameGoal and many local support partners. If your training is to be performed by a local support partner, please contact them for scheduling and additional information.

For training provided by SameGoal directly, we suggest:

5. Transition to general support

Your representative will check in with you 1-2 weeks after your training to answer any remaining implementation questions. Once your organization is up and running, questions may be directed to your local support partner (if applicable) or the SameGoal help desk.

Additional Options

Configure LDAP


LDAP/Active Directory may be used by larger enities to manage users through their central server. If you plan to use LDAP, ask your network administrator/IT staff to follow the LDAP/Active Directory instructions and email LDAP domain and LDAP URL to to configure and confirm.

Bulk import PDFs from previous system


PDFs from a previous system may be bulk imported if extracted in an expected format. If interested, discuss with your SameGoal representative. He/she may ask your IT staff to upload information to your SFTP account for processing.