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District banks allow administrative users to store frequently used, compliant text at the district level. District bank values are accessible to all users districtwide, and may not be edited or deleted by non-administrative users. However, every user may add, edit or delete their own user bank values. Populating district banks:

directions_walk Steps

To store district bank values:

  1. Visit Settings > District Banks.
  2. Scroll or page to find the form you wish to add bank values to. Click the form name.
  3. The form will appear in much the same format as when it is edited for simplicity. Any field which shows the text Click to edit bank... may be used to store district text.
  4. Click in the field you wish to store text for.
  5. Click edit bank in the bottom of the dropdown.
  6. Click add to add a new value.
  7. Enter your value, then click done.
  8. To delete a bank item, click the X next to the item.

lightbulb Tips

assignment_turned_in Try it out

  1. Add "Student's Background Information" and "Student's parents would like her to..." as default bank values in a profile field of the IEP.
  2. Update these bank values to use name/gender substitution.
  3. Add "Student will count to..." as a bank value for a goal field in the IEP
  4. Store this bank value under the Topic "Math."
  5. Give this bank value a Keyword of "Counting."
  6. Delete a bank value.