Local Help Desk Information

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Local help desk information (eg. for Information Technology Center support staff or district staff) may be entered. This information is then available to all district users when they are logged in and click their username (top right), then select Help. Local helpdesk information appears above the general SameGoal help desk information on the support page.

directions_walk Steps

  1. Visit Settings > District Information > Details.
  2. Click the add Local Help Desk Contact Information button.
  3. Enter information such as title, hours, phone and email.
  4. If there are multiple local help resources, you may add additional entries by clicking the button again.
  5. Delete any unnecessary entries by clicking the X for each as needed.
  6. Updates to local help desk information will autosave. You may view your changes on the support page.

lightbulb Tip
You must be logged in to see local help desk information listed.

assignment_turned_in Try it out

  1. Add your office contact information to the Local Help Desk Contact information.
  2. If applicable, add the appropriate support information to the Local Help Desk Contact information.
  3. View the information on the support page (Visit username > Help).
  4. Remove any inaccurate information.