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Districts can track student enrollment status found by visiting a Students > Basics tab. Enrollment statuses include:

Note: Pre-Enrolled and Enrolled students are considered "active" students. Students with any other enrollment status are considered inactive.

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IMPORTANT! Enrollment Vs Deleted - When a student is no longer actively enrolled at a district, their enrollment status should be changed (either via the demographics integration or manually in the web user interface for non-integrated students). This allows a student’s documents to no longer be included in administrative reports by default, but still be included in EMIS reporting. If a district has previously deleted inactive students, we recommend they review, undelete , and set an appropriate inactive enrollment status for these students. Students should only be deleted if they were entered erroneously or pre-enrolled (and were "collapsed" to a new student record with an updated student ID).

LEAs without a demographics integration and/or non-integrated students - The enrollment status for students may be manually updated in the web interface.

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To update a student's enrollment status in the web interface:

  1. Visit the student.
  2. Click on the Students > Basics tab.
  3. Select the appropriate enrollment status from the dropdown menu. Click Save.
  4. If an enrollment status other than Enrolled was selected, an enrollment status icon will now appear next to the student's name on all pages throughout the application.

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  1. Update a student's enrollment status.
  2. Visit a report (left menu) and adjust the enrollment status in the Advanced Options menu.

Student Information System Integrations link

For districts which have enabled a Demographics Integration with their student information system, district enrollment status will be updated nightly for integrated students. Please refer to the following table to see which district enrollment statuses are supported for your SIS.

eSchoolPLUSInfinite CampusPowerSchoolProgressBook SI/DASL
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: Historical/Idle is a special enrollment status for "active" students who have not been updated in over a year (either via an integration or document creation/updates). This "catch all" status is designed to ensure that both manually entered students (who should be inactive) as well as students who were removed from the integration prior to being set to an inactive enrollment status do not remain as active in SameGoal indefinitely.