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User accounts may be added in the web interface at any time. However, bulk loading users during implementation saves time.

directions_walk STEPS

  1. Download the spreadsheet for your state: AZ | IL | ME | MI | NE | OH | PA | WI

  2. Open the spreadsheet. It contains 5 tabs:

    • Buildings
    • Users
    • Info-Roles (informational only)
    • Info-Forms (informational only)
    • Instructions (informational only)
  3. Buildings tab. Enter each Building Name and a 3-4 character Building Code.

    • If your district is planning to enable a Demographics Integration, make sure "Building Name" exactly matches the building name in your SIS.
    • The 3-4 character "Building Code" entered for each building will be referenced from the Users tab.
  4. Users tab. Enter each user with the following information:

    • Last Name. User last name as it should appear throughout the application.
    • First Name. User first name as it should appear throughout the application.
    • Username. User's username.
      • NOTE: If your district is planning to use LDAP/Active Directory, this username must exactly match the user's LDAP username. Typically, if Jane Doe has email address, Jane's LDAP username is jdoe.
    • Password. User's password. Optional.
      • If your district is planning to use LDAP/Active Directory, leave this blank (not needed).
      • If otherwise left blank, one default password will be set for all users.
    • Buildings. Comma-separated list of building code(s) (from the Buildings tab) the user should have access to students in.
    • Role. User's primary role (from the Info-Roles tab). If a given user's role is not specified in the Info-Roles tab, please enter the role with the closest match. To see a list of forms by role category, visit the Info-Forms tab.

lightbulb TIP
You may add an unlimited number of users.

  • Add a user account for any staff member who will author or manage documentation.
  • Admin users have full program access (eg can manage users, students, district banks and technical settings, etc). Assign sparingly.
  • If your district enables a Document Viewer Integration, general education staff, principals, etc will have read access to documents from within your SIS. Otherwise, you may opt to add user accounts for general education staff who will need to view documents or edit/contribute to them.

Return your loader spreadsheet to your implementation coordinator or email to