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From time to time throughout the school year, an IEP may need to be amended.

directions_walk Steps

To create a formal amendment:

  1. Visit the IEP to be amended.
  2. If the IEP has not yet been marked complete, mark the IEP complete now. Then re-visit the document.
  3. Click the blue Amend button at the top. This creates a formal amendment of the IEP.
  4. Change MEETING TYPE to AMENDMENT. NOTE: Some districts also change MEETING DATE to the date of the amendment. DO NOT change the start date of the IEP.
  5. Make the changes required to the IEP in this amendment.
  6. Add a new row to the amendment table on the bottom of the cover page describing the changes.
  7. Re-mark this document complete.

Repeat this process each time an IEP must be amended.