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This is most commonly needed the first year a district implements SameGoal, as many IEPs that are still effective will have been written the previous year in the old system. If these IEPs must be amended, a "stub" IEP must first be created in SameGoal representing the original IEP. This "stub" IEP is then subsequently amended using the standard amendment process.


To amend an IEP for which the original IEP was created in another system:

  1. Create a new IEP.
  2. Check the State reporting information only checkbox at the top right of cover page. Reason field is required (most districts use "Original in prior system").
  3. Enter minimal state reporting information for this "stub" IEP. Use all original dates and info. If student has testing outcomes of either Standard with Accommodations or Alternative Testing, the following section 12 questions must be completed:
    • "Is the child participating in the Alternate Assessment for Students with Significant Cognitive Disabilities (AASCD)?"
    • "Will the child participate in district wide and state wide assessments with accommodations?"
  4. Visit the Check tab to ensure all required information is entered and valid.
  5. Mark the document complete.
  6. Now create an amendment for this "stub" IEP using the standard amendment process.

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