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IEPs may be transferred electronically from one district to another using district-to-district transfer. However, when the sending district does not use SameGoal, a "stub" TIEP containing state reporting information must be entered in the receiving district.

directions_walk STEPS

  1. Create a new IEP.
  2. Check the State reporting information only checkbox at the top right of the cover page. Reason field is required (most districts use "TIEP").
  3. Enter minimal state reporting information for this IEP.
    • Use all original dates and info.
    • Visit the Check tab to ensure all required information is entered and valid.
  4. Optionally add the PDF of this IEP as an attachment.
  5. Mark whether the IEP will be adopted. If yes, click the add Transfer IEP (TIEP) Date button on the right and enter transfer date information. If no, change MEETING TYPE to OTHER and optionally provide additional information in the text box (eg "Transfer IEP not adopted").
  6. Mark the document complete.