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SameGoal is associating all user accounts with a confirmed email address for the 2020-21 school year. You will see a prompt to enter your email address after logging into SameGoal beginning 7/1/20.

Login update prompt link

You will see a prompt to enter your email address after logging into SameGoal beginning 7/1/20.

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Logging in going forward link

You will receive an email confirming your login information going forward.

Reset your password link

You can automatically reset your password after you have updated your account to use an email address.

If you have not yet associated your email address and are unable to login, contact your district administrator. They will need to update your email address, then send you a password reset email.

Local support partners link

Local support partners typically:

When a local support partner updates their SameGoal login at each district for their work email address, they will login going forward using their full work email address. However, their email address will not require admin approval, as they themselves are admins.

District default email domain link

Each district's default email domain, unless otherwise specified in its pre-approved email domains list, is the district domain found in the URL bar of the district login page.

Pre-approved email domains link

Pre-approved email domains are domains which do not require admin approval when associated with a user account. For example, most users likely have a district email account, but some may also have an agency email account (eg

If many users have a non-district email address, administrators can set a list of pre-approved email domains in Settings > District Information > Details Tab, section "Pre-approved email domains". However, if the number of users without a district email address is small, this may not be worth the effort (approving these email address from time-to-time is low burden).

Admin approval link

If your email does not use a pre-approved email domain, your email address requires admin approval.

A notification asking for approval is sent to all users with an administrative account. Once one admin user approves or denies this request, the notification is removed from the notification tray for all other admin users.