Authoring Documents in SameGoal

Text Editing Features

  • Bold, italic, underline
  • Font faces and styles
  • Font colors and backgrounds
  • Table insertion
  • Strikethrough, subscript, superscript
  • Copy/paste from other programs without loosing formatting
  • Ability to remove text formatting when necessary

Store Frequently Used Text

  • Store ("bank") frequently used text for every text field in forms across the program.
  • Rather than re-type, click to insert pre-stored values.
  • Stored values can include multi-page templates.
  • Gender and pronouns are automatically converted to match the student you are authoring the form for at text insertion time.
  • Text may be stored at both the user and district level.

Save Time

  • Work easily from anywhere - we're web-based!
  • Student and parent demographics pre-populate forms. Reduce double entry and prevent errors.
  • Information automatically copies between forms where relevant.
  • Easy, intuitive navigation between students and documents.
  • In-screen editing of forms looks much like generated printed form.
  • Auto-save ensures documents save automatically.

Progress Reports, "At a Glance" Forms

  • Progress reports are automatically generated from goals and objectives of completed IEPs.
  • Progress reports can stay incomplete and editable year-long while completed IEPs are read-only.
  • Progress reports can be printed in multiple formats.
  • "At a Glance" forms are automatically generated from IEPs, which can be distributed to general education teachers.

Preview, Print, Download, Email

  • Preview forms before printing.
  • Program generates PDFs of all documents.
  • PDFs may be downloaded for saving on your own computer.
  • PDFs may be emailed as attachments as necessary.

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