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SameGoal includes forms, validation rules and reports for special education.


Includes Special Education Services Forms published by the Illinois State Board of Education.

Form NoTypeForm NameLink
34-54RequiredIndividualized Education Program (IEP)Link
34-54TOptionalReport of Progress on Annual Goals (Option 1)NA
34-54UOptionalReport of Progress on Annual Goals (Option 2)NA
34-57ARequiredParent/Guardian Notification of Decision Regarding A Request for an EvaluationLink
34-57BRequiredParent/Guardian Consent for Initial EvaluationLink
34-57CRequiredParent Consent for ReevaluationLink
34-57BCRequiredParent/Guardian Consent for Evaluation (used in forms B and C)Link
34-57DRequiredParent/Guardian Notification of ConferenceLink
34-57ERequiredParent/Guardian Notification of Conference RecommendationsLink
34-57FRequiredParent/Guardian Consent for Initial Provision of Special Education and Related ServicesLink
34-57GRequiredParent/Guardian Notification of Individualized Education Program AmendmentLink
34-57HRequiredParent/Guardian Excusal of an Individualized Education Program Team MemberLink
34-57IRequiredParent/Guardian and Student Notification of Transfer of Rights Due to Age of MajorityLink
34-57KRequiredDelegation of Rights to Make Educational DecisionsLink
34-57LRequiredConsent for Agency/Agencies Invitation to Transition MeetingLink
34-57MRequiredMutual Written Agreement to Extend Evaluation TimelineLink
19-86RequiredDistrict Request for an Impartial Due Process Hearing OfficerLink
19-86ARequiredParent Request for an Impartial Due Process Hearing OfficerLink
NARequiredSummary of PerformanceLink
NAOtherReferral FormNA
NAOtherIEP at a Glance (automatically generated)NA