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SameGoal was first developed in 2003 as an Ohio-specific solution for Special Education. The application has since evolved in tandem with the needs of Ohio educators and today includes required, optional and model forms published by the Ohio Department of Education for Section 504, Gifted Education, Third Grade Reading Guarantee, English Language Learning and Early Learning Assessment.

  • Serving over half the Ohio student population. SameGoal customers include over 500+ LEAs statewide. The software is used by a diverse array of Ohio educational institutions, including public districts, private schools, charter schools, ESCs, JVSDs and Boards of DD. SameGoal is the most widely used Special Education software application in Ohio.

  • Only solution that integrates with all Ohio student information systems. SameGoal provides streamlined integrations with the top four student information systems used across Ohio, including ProgressBook SI/DASL, PowerSchool, SunGard and Infinite Campus. SameGoal may also be integrated with any other ODBC-compliant system using our generic API. As districts change student information systems over the years, they take SameGoal - and their Special Programs documentation - with them.

  • Unmatched statewide documentation portability. Local education agencies using SameGoal across Ohio may request and transfer Special Programs documentation as students transfer between districts. Because SameGoal is student information system (SIS) agnostic, documents may transfer between districts using varying SISes in ways not possible when tied to a specific SIS.

  • Proven ability to meet the needs of Ohio districts. Over thirteen years of use in Ohio, SameGoal has undergone five significant version updates and thousands of minor updates and fixes. In 2009 when Ohio Special Education forms underwent a large update, SameGoal was the first vendor in the state to make the corresponding software changes. In 2018, SameGoal again was ready with an Early Bird release for the 2018-19 form changes in April. As Ohio needs and requirements change, SameGoal evolves. SameGoal boasts a 98%+ average annual license renewal rate.


SameGoal includes forms, validation rules and reports for Special Education, Section 504, Gifted Education, Third Grade Reading Guarantee, English Language Learning and Early Learning Assessment.


Includes all required, optional and model ODE special education forms published by ODE. Also includes preschool special education forms, progress reports, clipboard sheets, "At a Glance" print-outs and additional commonly used forms.

NOTE: These links will be updated to the 2018-19 updated Special Education forms July 1, 2018.

Form NoTypeForm NameLink
PR-01RequiredPrior Written Notice to ParentsLink
PR-02RequiredParent InvitationLink
PR-03RequiredManifestation Determination ReviewLink
PR-04RequiredReferral for EvaluationLink
PR-05RequiredParent Consent for EvaluationLink
PR-06RequiredEvaluation Team Report (ETR)Link
PR-07RequiredIndiviudalized Education Program (IEP)Link
PR-09RequiredServices PlanLink
PR-10RequiredParental Consent to Share Health Information for the Ohio Medicaid School ProgramNA
OP-01OptionalFunctional Behavior AssessmentLink
OP-02OptionalBehavior Intervention PlanLink
OP-03OptionalManifestation DeterminationLink
OP-04OptionalAgreement to Waive ReevaluationLink
OP-05OptionalParent/Guardian ExcusalLink
OP-06AOptionalProgress ReportLink
OP-06BOptionalTransition Progress ReportLink
OP-07OptionalAssignment of a Surrogate ParentLink
OP-08OptionalSummary of PerformanceLink
OP-09OptionalAttempts to Obtain Parent ParticipationLink
NAOptionalPreschool Transition Conference FormLink
NAOptionalChild Outcomes Summary FormLink
NAOtherDue Process Complaint and Request for a Due Process HearingLink
NAOtherEmotional DisturbanceNA
NAOtherETR SummaryNA
NAOtherGrid Progress ReportNA
NAOtherDaily Feedback Clipboard Sheets (blank headings)NA
NAOtherDaily Feedback Clipboard Sheets (day of week headings)NA
NAOtherIEP at a Glance (IEP/SP)NA
NAOtherEMIS at a Glance (IEP)NA
NAOtherEMIS at a Glance (SP)NA
NAOtherEMIS at a Glance (ETR)NA

SECTION 504 link

Includes Section 504 forms developed by NEOLA and adapted for use in SameGoal.

Form NoTypeForm NameLink
NANEOLAPrior Written NoticeNA
NANEOLAParent ConsentNA
NANEOLAParent InvitationNA
NANEOLAPhysician QuestionnaireNA
NANEOLAManifestation Determination ReviewNA
NANEOLARelease of Information and RecordsNA


Includes model ODE forms for Written Education Plans and Academic Acceleration published by ODE. Additional Gifted Profile form is used to track gifted identification. Additional Testing Data form is used to track test scores year-over-year.

Form NoTypeForm NameLink
NAModelWritten Acceleration PlanLink
NAModelWritten Education PlanLink
NAOtherWEP Progress ReportNA
NAOtherGifted ProfileNA
NAOtherTesting DataNA


Includes model plan published by ODE for Third Grade Reading Guarantee.

Form NoTypeForm NameLink
NAModelReading Improvement and Monitoring PlanLink


Includes forms published by ODE such as Guidelines for Referral and Identification of English Language Learners with Disabilities and Letter Templates.

Form NoTypeForm NameLink
NAModelChecklist 1: Referral and Identification of English Language Learners with DisabilitiesLink
NAModelChecklist 2: Multi-Tiered Systems of Support Literacy/ Reading Instruction for English Language LearnersLink
NAModelHome Language SurveyLink
NAModelInitial English Lanuage AssessmentLink
NAModelLetter to Parents for Districts Not Meeting Annual AchievementLink
NAModelLetter to Parents of Students Exiting the LEP ProgramLink
NAModelLetter to Parents of Students Identified as LEPLink


Includes model progression tracking form published by ODE for Early Learning and adapted for use in SameGoal. Beginning Fall 2016, all 3-5 star rated programs are required to complete the 10 Required Learning Progressions for all preschool age children.

Form NoTypeForm NameLink
NAModel10 Required Learning ProgressionsLink