Document Collaboration in SameGoal


  • A team forms around each document, with one lead and many additional team members.
  • The lead team member manages each overall document and access to it, while additional team members contribute.
  • An unlimited number of collaborators can be added to a document.
  • Team members may include all stakeholders, including special education teachers, school psychologists and related service providers.
  • Since SameGoal is completely online, staff members across buildings, the county, or even the state can login to collaboratively write documents.

Working Together

  • Simple "read", "read/write", "manage" document permissions for all collaborators.
  • Users can work on the same document at the same time - no "lock-out".
  • Built-in workflow mechanisms prevent common problems, such as creating duplicate documents or editing completed documents.
  • Documents may be projected during parent or staff meetings to easily make edits in real-time.

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