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What program modules are available in my state? link

Special Programs modules vary by state. When a State Department of Education publishes a required set of forms for a given program, SameGoal includes these forms if the module is offered. When a state does not publish a required set of forms, its model form set (if available) or our standard form set is used.

Can we use our custom forms? link

No. SameGoal provides a single, standard form set for each program module in a given state. Custom forms prevent districts from:

Effective July 1, 2019, SameGoal no longer offers custom form development. Districts that have used custom forms in the past for a given program are encouraged to switch to using the state standard form set.

Can we do a pilot? link

All new customers use the software free for the first 90 days, except during peak season. This is a no cost, no obligation evaluation period during which service can be cancelled anytime.

When is peak season? link

Peak season is July 1st - Sept 30th annually (our busiest season for implementations, trainings and back-to-school support).

When does our license start and end? link

The standard license term is July 1st - June 30th annually.