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What program modules are available in my state? link

Special Programs modules vary by state. When a State Department of Education publishes a required set of forms for a given program, SameGoal includes these forms if the module is offered. When a state does not publish a required set of forms, its model form set (if available) or our standard form set is used.

Can we use our custom forms? link

No. SameGoal provides a single, standard form set for each program module in a given state. Custom forms prevent districts from:

  • Using built-in administrative reports for a given program
  • Accepting electronic documentation transfered from other districts statewide (fields cannot automatically copy from one form set to another)
  • Leveraging SameGoal's no cost, global form updates for state and federal changes (additional ongoing legal review and cost of custom forms required)

Effective July 1, 2019, SameGoal no longer offers custom form development. Districts that have used custom forms in the past for a given program are encouraged to switch to using the state standard form set.

Can we do a pilot? link

All new customers use the software free for the first 90 days, except during peak season. This is a no cost, no obligation evaluation period during which service can be cancelled anytime.

When is peak season? link

Peak season is July 1st - Sept 30th annually (our busiest season for implementations, trainings and back-to-school support).

When does our license start and end? link

The standard license term is July 1st - June 30th annually.

  • New customers starting service July 1st - September 30th are charged the full license amount for the current license term ending June 30th.
  • New customers starting service October 1st - June 30th are charged a pro-rated amount for the current license term (less the no cost 90 day evaluation period), plus the full renewal license amount for the upcoming school year.