Management in SameGoal


  • Manage and review documents district-wide. For example, review all IEP documents before a meeting takes place.
  • Documents marked complete are read-only unless reversed administratively.
  • All documents may be edited and statuses easily changed from administrative accounts.
  • Store compliant text suggestions for any form field for users district-wide.
  • Upload and attach signed form copies.
  • Transfer documents year-to-year easily to the right people and schools.
  • Transfer documents with any other district also using SameGoal.
  • Unlimited document archival provides a central place for each student's special education document year after year.
  • Forms update automatically to address state and federal changes.


  • Includes unlimited number of users, including related service providers and outside agencies.
  • Permissions-based user accounts.
  • View documents each user has collaborated on.
  • Manage user caseloads as necessary.
  • SameGoal can be configured to use your district's central authentication server (eg. Active Directory), if one is in use.


  • Includes 10+ standard reports for each state.
  • Ad-hoc SQL reports possible for all forms.
  • Reports may be exported in four standard formats, each helpful in its own way:
    • PDF - immediate print out
    • HTML - quick view of results
    • XLS - further modification via spreadsheet possible
    • CSV - great for further processing of information by another third-party software

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