Technology for SameGoal

Easy Access, Anywhere

  • Web-based program
  • Most computers meet system requirements - no custom software to install
  • Support for all modern browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer and Safari
  • Windows, Mac, Linux, Chromebook, Ipad and Android support

Professionally Managed Cloud Storage

  • Data stored in data centers with 24x7 armed guards
  • Redundant internet and power to prevent outages
  • Routine site maintenance completed at off-peak times
  • Automatic daily backups

Technology Stack

  • Built using industry best practices for enterprise software solutions
  • Designed for scalability
  • State of the art security practices


  • Pull student and parent demographic information from any student information system into SameGoal
  • Export data from SameGoal in CSV format for further processing or integration into other systems
  • Configurable LDAP authentication with your district's servers

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