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Automatic Approval of Translation Requests

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Automatic Approval of Translation Requests
September 27, 2023

Districts on the Pro edition of SameGoal have access to the translation feature and administrators in these districts can now enable auto-approval of translation requests.

Previously, in order to send a translation request to a translator, users had to request a document translation from within the document, and then an administrator had to approve the request and enter in the translator’s email.

Now, if a district opts to enable auto-approval of translation requests, when a user requests a translation from within a document, they are able to enter in the translator email themselves in the Request Translation dialogue box. Then, when they submit the request, an email is sent directly to the translator without first going to an administrator for approval.

To enable translation request auto-approval, go to Settings > District Information. Under Administrative Options > Automatically Approve Translation Requests, check the Enable box.

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