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SameGoal is a user-friendly documentation platform for Special Programs that helps districts cut the amount of time they spend on paperwork by as much as 50% - while increasing staff retention & compliance.

Trusted by over 650 local education agencies
Including public districts, private schools, charter school networks, educational service centers and state agencies


A unified platform for Special Programs.
Special Education
SameGoal Special Education helps districts manage IEPs, evaluations, progress reporting and all related documentation using state-published forms aligned with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. Help ensure your district provides a free appropriate public education to all eligible children with disabilities. As many as 14% of all public school students receive special education.
Section 504
SameGoal Section 504 helps districts manage 504 evaluations, plans and related documentation using forms aligned with their federal civil rights obligations to students under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Ensure children with impairments such as food allergies, diabetes, anxiety disorders or mild ADHD receive services and accommodations when found legally eligible. 1-2% of all public school students are served by 504 plans.
Advanced Learners
SameGoal Advanced Learners helps districts promote equitable gifted identification, systematize documentation and track progress for advanced learners. Bolster your state and local gifted education programs with comprehensive forms and standard workflows. As many as 6% of all public school students are enrolled in gifted education.
SameGoal English Learners helps districts track English Learner program eligibility, placement and services year over year. Forms, reports and embedded content guidance is aligned to help districts meet their federal civil rights obligations under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Over 9% of all public school students are English language learners.
K-4 Literacy
SameGoal K-4 Literacy helps districts document, systematize and report progress on prevention and intervention strategies for each student not reading on grade level by the end of grade three. In 2015, roughly two out of three fouth graders failed to score proficient in reading, making literacy improvement necessary for over 7% of public school students.
Unified Platform
While each program serves a subset of students, not uncommonly over one-third of all district students are served by Special Programs. More than many other district functions, these programs:

  • Carry federal and state compliance obligations
  • Are common sources of district lawsuits
  • Involve high-priced services and professionals
  • Impact the overall reputation of the district
SameGoal's unified platform for Special Programs helps districts document compliance and manage services for all district programs in a single, easy to use platform that integrates with their student information system.


Everything you need in one package.
  • Unlimited users
  • Simple sharing
  • Real-time collaborative editing
  • Built-in chat
  • Add tables, lists and images
  • Attachments
  • Electronic signatures
  • Parent online viewing and signing
Drive compliance
  • Instant document compliance checks
  • Automatic deadline tracking
  • Embedded state & federal guidance
  • Timely updates for state & federal changes
  • View documents district-wide
  • Web and downloadable district reports
  • State reporting data extracts
  • Integrated with your student information system


No platform helps districts collaborate better.
Federal & State DOEs
SameGoal includes state and federal required and model forms. Companion content guidance is embedded throughout forms and instant document checks reinforce compliance. As states and the federal agencies improve resources, SameGoal translates theory into everyday practice - helping agencies' work go farther and districts leverage the best tools available.
Other districts
Transfer and receive program documentation electronically from other districts when students move, no matter their student information system. Minimize the time required to adopt documentation from other districts, and reduce lapses in services.
Program staff
Educators use real-time collaborative editing and built-in chat to work together, from anywhere, anytime. Document version history displays changes, the time they were made, and by whom. Collaborative team members easily apply their signatures electronically when meeting remotely, either online or by phone conference.
General education
General education staff with account access can contribute to plan documents and especially progress reports. Plan documents can also be shown directly in your student information system for easy daily access for most widely used SISes. Ensure all general educators are aware of services and acommodations any student is entitled to at any given time.
Allow principals and administrative staff to view documents building-wide. Powerful administrative reports help answer critical questions regarding student participation, services and staffing.
Share documents with parents to view and sign electronically. Parents see team edits in real-time during meetings, and viewer automatically scrolls to follow along.


An easy-to-use solution for hairy district problems.
SameGoal helps districts substantiate compliance with federal, state and local obligations to provide all students with a free appropriate public education. SameGoal's comprehensive documentation and automatic deadline tracking helps ensure students are evaluated and receive services they are entitled to in a timely manner, preventing against costly district lawsuits.
Regular updates for state and federal changes help districts meet state compliance expectations. Embedded state and federally published guidance helps staff answer content questions as they arise during document authoring.
Regularly meet compliance requirements and avoid time-consuming corrective action plans. Districts with exemplary track records for Special Programs attract both students and highly talented educators.
Special Programs staff are often highly-educated specialists in high demand. A district using SameGoal signals to potential candidates that the district values their time and expertise by using a software system designed for productivity and ease of use.
Parent satisfaction
SameGoal helps educators produce professional, comprehensive documentation to bring to parent meetings. Share documents electronically with parents to view and sign, and allow parents to easily follow along with team member edits in real-time when meeting online or over the phone.
Embedded state and federal guidance, 24x7 online guides and helpdesk access for all users helps educators get high-quality answers to questions quickly while freeing up valuable administrative time.

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