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District Enrollment Status

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Effective 02/10/2020, districts using SameGoal will now allow districts to track student enrollment status. Enrollment statuses include:

  • Pre-Enrolled
  • Enrolled (default status)
  • Withdrew
  • Transferred
  • Dropped out
  • Graduated
  • Historical/Other
  • Historical/Idle

Note: Pre-Enrolled and Enrolled students are considered “active” students. Students with any other enrollment status are considered inactive.

Enrollment status badge - An enrollment status icon (person in a box) will appear next to any student that has a status other than Enrolled throughout the application so that these students can be easily identified.

Demographics integration - Student demographics integrations (eg from PowerSchool, Infinite Campus, DASL) have been updated to automatically map enrollment information provided by the SIS to one of the above states. Enrollment badges will be updated nightly along with your district's regular demographic integration.

Note: PowerSchool integrations will need to work with our tech team to update their API integrations. We will be reaching out to PowerSchool ITCs with next steps in the coming weeks.

LEAs without a demographics integration and/or non-integrated students - The enrollment status for students may be manually updated in the web user interface on the Students > Basics tab (provided they are not included in a demographics integration). By default, all students are set Enrolled.

Students / create new - By default, only active (Pre-Enrolled or Enrolled) students will be listed. To include inactive students in a search, check the Include inactive checkbox under the SIS Student ID field in the blue bar.

Reports - By default, all non-EMIS administrative reports will include only active (Pre-Enrolled or Enrolled) students. To change/update this option when running a report, click the Advanced link. Advanced options will now include the ability to run reports based on enrollment status. NOTE: EMIS reports will continue to include all active and inactive students by default (since past events must be reported even if a student later transfers, drops out, etc).

IMPORTANT! Enrollment Vs Deleted - When a student is no longer actively enrolled at a district, their enrollment status should be changed (either via the demographics integration or manually in the web user interface for non-integrated students). This allows a student’s documents to no longer be included in administrative reports by default, but still be included in EMIS reporting. If a district has previously deleted inactive students, we recommend they review, undelete, and set an appropriate inactive enrollment status for these students. Students should only be deleted if they were entered erroneously or pre-enrolled (and were “collapsed” to a new student record with an updated student ID).

This update will be included for all districts.