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Draft Watermark
March 31, 2020

On 04/13/2020, SameGoal will introduce a "Draft" watermark. This watermark appears on documents when printed until each document is marked complete (with few exceptions for ongoing documents such as progress reports, as well as forms that require majority parent input).

Displaying a "Draft" watermark on documents until they are marked complete helps districts better communicate to parents and other team members when a given document contains all required information and signatures, especially when meetings are held remotely.

It also helps districts enforce document life cycle best practices:

If a district wishes to disable this feature prior to release, an administrative user must visit Settings > District Information > Details, and check the "Disable" checkbox under "Draft Watermark" by 4/10/2020.

This feature is being released in response to more districts adopting remote workflows and parent meetings amid school closures.