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Filtered Create New Menu
July 15, 2022

SameGoal users can create new documents for students based on their permission settings when visiting "Students / create new" in the left menu. Administrative users can see all available form types when clicking the "Create new..." dropdown menu. Depending on a user's permissions, the list in the dropdown menu can be quite long. To help users quickly find the form type for the document they would like to create, we will be releasing a search bar in the "Create new..." dropdown menu.

The search bar will give the users the ability to search for a specific form type allowing users to quickly find the desired form without needing to scroll through all available form types. Search bar

As the user begins typing in the name of the desired form, all forms with the provided characters will appear. They will be separated by headers based on the program the forms are tied to. Search bar example

Creation of the new document has not changed. After finding the desired form type, the user can click the form name, then click the blue "Create" button.

This new feature will roll out to all districts at all SameGoal License Editions as it becomes available over the next few weeks.