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SameGoal has released many product updates throughout this school year and will continue to do so in the coming months. In response to district feedback, we are also making an advanced product offering available next school year.

SameGoal is offering two product tiers for districts to choose from for the 2020-21 school year - Standard and Plus.

  • Standard - Includes all current functionality as well as additional improvements to general functionality throughout the school year.
  • Plus - Includes all functionality in Standard, plus:
    • Deadline notifications - Sends email and/or push notifications when students have program documentation coming due. Addresses what many call the 30/60/90 day rules in special education, keeping districts in compliance.
    • Six months document edit history - Displays last six months of document version history, including edits made, user making them, and edit date/time. Useful for administrators seeking audit log functionality.
    • 100MB of attachments per document - Double the Standard attachment limit (50MB).
    • In-application report filtering and sorting - Quickly filter and sort reports within the application web interface instead of needing to first download to Excel. Save precious administrator time.
    • Topaz electronic signature pad support - Ability to sign documents electronically using a Topaz e-signature pad. Improved signature clarity over mouse/trackpad signing.
    • Remote electronic parent signatures - Share a document link with parents/guardians during remotely held meetings. Parents view staff edits in real-time during meeting discussion and sign electronically. Capture parent signatures quickly and efficiently when meeting remotely.

Early Bird Offer through May 15th. Districts which submit payment prior to May 15th, 2020 receive Plus for one year at no additional cost. If purchasing through an ITC, payment must be received by your ITC prior to May 15th. Options and availabily may vary by ITC; contact your ITC for additional information.

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