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Report Enhancements

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Effective 12/23/2019, the following report enhancements are available:

  • Each time a report is first generated in the application, web/HTML results appear in a dedicated “report viewer” browser tab. This allows the user to continue using the rest of the application while the report generates and displays results using as much of the screen as possible.
  • Once a report has generated, users may leverage the following options in the top menu:

    • Edit (pencil icon) - View, edit, and re-run parameters for the report. This is helpful if you realize you need different report parameters after reviewing the web results.
    • Reload (circular arrow icon) - Reload the report with existing parameters. This is helpful if you have used web report results to update documents and wish to see new results.
    • Download - Download results in XLSX, CSV or fixed width (if applicable) formats. This eliminates the need/option to select a report format prior to running and seeing results.
    • Print (printer icon) - Print results to a PDF.
  • While each report is generating, the “report viewer” browser tab contains a loading icon. When the loading icon disappears, it's a signal to the user (who may be working in another tab/window) that the report has completed.

  • If a user attempts to run a report from the main web application with the same parameters of a report that has already run/is running, an informational pop-up appears to let the user know the report is already open in another browser tab.

  • Report configuration pages in the main web application displays the number of reports open in other tabs in order to help power users, running multiple reports at a time, better manage their workflow and tabs.

To view these enhancements, visit “Reports” (left menu), select a report, then click “Run report”.