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School Year Separators and Date Range Filter

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School Year Separators and Date Range Filter
July 5, 2022

SameGoal stores all documents historically over time. As a result, document list pages often contain documents from multiple school years. SameGoal is releasing two new features this summer to help improve usability and searchability of these list pages.

School Year Separators: School year separators are visual indicators within document list pages that separate already reverse chronologically listed documents from one school year to the next. These separators, appearing on the right within document lists, help users quickly see which documents correspond with a given school year and group documents visually. School year separator

Date Range Filter: A date range filter will appear at the top of all document list pages. This filter allows users to filter documents displayed in the list by setting a start and/or end date. The date range filter applies to the main date of the document, shown as the first snippet for any document in a list. If an incomplete document does not yet have this date populated, the document creation date is used as a fallback for filtering and ordering. Date range filter

These new features will be available for all districts at all SameGoal License Editions.