Mark Documents Incomplete

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Resetting a document status from complete to incomplete may be necessary if a complete document requires a change (but not a formal amendment). Only administrative users are allowed to reset documents to incomplete in order to ensure administrative oversight.

directions_walk Steps

  1. Visit Caseload or All to find the document(s) you wish to incomplete.
  2. Check the document(s) you wish to incomplete.
  3. Locate the Actions menu button along the top. Select Incomplete from the menu.
  4. The lock icon will disappear next to the document(s), indicating they are no longer read-only.

lightbulb Tip
Only one document of a given form type may be incomplete at a given time for a given student. Attempts to mark a document as incomplete will fail if there is already another incomplete document of that form type for the student. Choose which document to complete and incomplete as necessary. The new document must be marked as complete before resetting the previous document to incomplete.

assignment_turned_in Try it out

  1. Incomplete a completed document (one that has a lock icon next to it).
  2. Mark the same document as complete by following the same steps and choosing complete instead of incomplete. The lock icon will appear back onto the document.