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Mark Documents Incomplete

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Documents should be re-marked incomplete when they require a minor change or correction (not a formal amendment). Only administrative users can re-mark documents incomplete in order to ensure administrative oversight.

lightbulb Tip
Do not advise staff to amend documents in order to make minor changes when a formal amendment is not required. This creates unwanted amendments that may negatively impact your state reporting.

To re-mark a completed document as incomplete:

  1. Visit Students / create new. Search for the relevant student. Click their name.
  2. Check the document(s) you wish to incomplete.
  3. Select Actions > Incomplete in the blue bar.

lightbulb Tip
For most forms, only one document of a given form type may be incomplete at any given time for a student. Attempts to mark a document incomplete will fail if there is already another incomplete document of that form type for the student. Other documents may temporarily need to be marked complete.