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Special Programs participation tracking determines whether (and key info about how) a student "participates" in a given program at any given time based on dates and content of completed documentation for any given student.

Below are the documents used to calculate a student's participation in K-4 Literacy/TGRG in Ohio. Two program notes, (a) Reading Screener Status and (b) Retention Exemption, are set for some documentation. In cases where an older version of the form exists, the documentation below applies similarly.

If a student should be considered as participating in K-4 Literacy/TGRG and does not display as such in SameGoal, inspect the table below. The student requires completed documentation that changes their participation status to "Participating". Conversely, if a student should NOT be considered as participating in K-4 Literacy/TGRG but does appear to participate in SameGoal, inspect the table below to identify documentation that should be added to change the student's status to "Not participating".

DocumentDate FieldCriteriaParticipation StatusReason
Reading Improvement and Monitoring Plan (Fall 2016)"Start" if populated, else "Date"None. Program notes set:
  • Reading screener status: "Status of Reading Screener" for each grade (using A1 assessment "Date" for each grade)
  • Retention exemption: List of Section E exemptions
ParticipatingReading Improvement and Monitoring Plan
RIMP: Discontinuation"Discontinued Effective"NoneNot participatingDiscontinuation