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The alerts and document viewer integration allows districts to integrate student program documentation within SameGoal into other third-party applications. These applications can include their student information system (SIS), custom dashboards or toolbars, and even other vendor systems such as for Medicaid reimbursement (eg display IEP while entering services information).

When using this integration, an alert/view is generated for:

  • Each complete document this is...
  • Currently active (today is within the start and end dates of the document) and...
  • Document is written in form type of interest and
  • Student is non-deleted in SameGoal.

When the alert/view is clicked, the document is displayed in a document viewer web page for easy viewing. Any document can been deemed of interest, but typically districts are most interested in displaying program documents such as:

  • IEPs
  • 504 Plans
  • Gifted Acceleration and Education Plans
  • Third Grade Reading Plans

Access to documentation is configured using the third-party system's native access controls/security system. When a document viewer link is clicked, no additional authentication is required.

This integration enables individuals without a SameGoal account quick and seamless access to Special Programs documentation from third-party systems like the SIS. It can be used to streamline communication among Special Programs and general education staff, and can even be hooked into parent portals.