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Cyberduck is a GUI program recommended for connecting to your SFTP account manually from time-to-time and one-time uploads.

directions_walk Steps

To connect to your SFTP account using Cyberduck:

  1. Download Cyberduck.

  2. After the file has downloaded, select Open.

    Open Cyberduck

  3. Once the program opens, click Open Connection.

    Open Cyberduck Connection

  4. Click on the upper dropdown menu and select SFTP.

    Cyberduck SFTP

  5. Enter the Host and Username.


    Username: your district domain

    Cyberduck SFTP Info

  6. Click the arrow next to More Options. Check the checkbox next to Use Public Key Authentication.

    Cyberduck Authentication

  7. Select the text file where you saved your private key.

    Cyberduck ID RSA

  8. Click Connect.

    Connect with Cyberduck

  9. The screen below will open. View directories in your SFTP account and transfer files securely as needed.

    Cyberduck SFTP Screen