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The demographics integration imports student/parent demographics information from the student information system (SIS) into SameGoal nightly. For example, a student that is enrolled in the student information system on Monday afternoon would appear in SameGoal by Tuesday morning.

All students are included in this integration, not only student flagged for participation in Special Programs. This allows staff to easily create documentation for newly referred/identified students in SameGoal (eg new Evaluations).

Information imported nightly from the SIS is found in the student "Details" tab, which can be seen within SameGoal by users with administrative access. These "Details" prefill student documentation as it is created. Documents which have already been created can optionally "pull-in" updated demographic information into documents by hitting "Update" buttons in them.

This integration reduces redundant entry, errors and saves staff time through documentation creation. We recommend all customers with the exception of extremely small organizations enable this integration.