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The eSchoolPLUS document viewer integration allows general education staff to seamlessly view student documents in SameGoal while logged into eSchoolPLUS.

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This integration:

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Why does the integration use a summary PDF and the document viewer application rather than upload student document PDFs directly?

Why does the integration upload the summary PDF to a single "SameGoal" category, rather than uploading each PDF to it's corresponding category (eg the IEP PDF to category IEP, the 504 PDF to category 504, and so on)?

Can I email the summary PDF as an attachment?

What can I do to streamline accessing student documents through the summary PDF and document viewer?

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To setup document viewer integration with eSchoolPLUS :

  1. Create a SameGoal account in eSchoolPLUS if you have not yet done so for the state reporting integration.

  2. Create a new category in eSchoolPLUS named "SameGoal" (suggested category description: "Special Programs documentation"). Configure appropriate staff access to this category. NOTE: If the category is not correctly named, the integration will not run successfully.

  3. Visit Settings > District Information > Details tab in SameGoal using an administrative account. Scroll down to find eSchoolPLUS, and click the add Integration information button if an eSchoolPLUS screen is not already displayed. Complete the following fields under the horizontal line in the eSchoolPLUS configuration section. If your district uses the state reporting integration, many of these fields may already be filled:

    • Login URL - Must start with "https://" and end in "eschoolplus" (eg
    • Username - SameGoal web application account username.
    • Password - SameGoal web application account password.
    • Database - eSchoolPLUS database to write to.
    • School Year - eSchoolPLUS school year to write to. Optional; when left blank, defaults to school year option with label "current year".
    • Include - Integrations which may be enabled:
      • Document alerts - Check for this integration.