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Specifying a form name is necessary for some integrations. Exact form names for each type of main document vary state to state.

For example, in Ohio the standard form set uses the following form names:

  • IEP at a Glance - "IEP at a Glance" (URL-encoded = "IEP%20at%20a%20Glance")
  • IEP - "Individualized Education Plan" (URL-encoded = "Individualized%20Education%20Program")
  • ETR - "Evaluation Team Report" (URL-encoded = "Evaluation%20Team%20Report")
  • 504 Plan - "Section 504: Plan" (URL-encoded = "Section%20504:%20Plan")

To find and verify form names used in your SameGoal account:

  • Login with an admin account.
  • Visit Settings > Forms.
  • All forms used in your account will be listed.
  • If using the form name in a URL for an integration, be sure to URL-encode the form name.