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samegoalintegrator facilitates automated ODBC-based integrations between SameGoal and any third-party system (typically your student information system).

Overview link

Basic workflow:

When invoked, the samegoalintegrator program performs data synchronization using the following steps:

Install and configure samegoalintegrator link

To install and configure samegoalintegrator:

  1. Download the samegoalintegrator zip file for your architecture onto a district computer with network access to your third-party system.

  2. Extract and rename the zip file to a location of your choosing. Eg:

    • C:\samegoalintegrator\config.xml
    • C:\samegoalintegrator\procedures.sql
    • C:\samegoalintegrator\samegoalintegrator.exe
    • C:\samegoalintegrator\bins\
    • C:\samegoalintegrator\ssh\
  3. Add a private OpenSSH-style key to the ssh directory that has been synced with your district SFTP account.

    • Configure your SFTP account if you have not yet done so.
    • Add your private OpenSSH-style key (typically named "id_rsa") in the ssh directory.
  4. Replace config.xml and procedures.sql with up-to-date files.

    • Email for up-to-date copies corresponding with current form versions.
    • Replace config.xml and procedures.sql in the local directory with updated files received.
  5. Configure config.xml.

    • Search in file for "TODO(user)".
    • Complete TODOs in file as directed.
  6. Execute procedures.sql.

    • Open Microsoft SQL Server.
    • In the appropriate database:
      • Visit File > Open > File...
      • Select procedures.sql
      • Click the "Execute" button (red exclamation mark)
    • Once the script has run successfully, the messages pane should say "Command(s) completed successfully"
  7. Test samegoalintegrator.

    • Double-click the samegoalintegrator program to run the integration.
    • samegoalintegrator will automatically create a history subdirectory.
      • Each time samegoalintegrator is invoked, an epoch directory is added to `history which contains
        • a directory of the files extracted from SameGoal (eg ia/)
        • a directory of the files extracted from your third-party system (eg ic/)
        • additional extracted CSV files from your third-party system
        • a log file named sgi_log.txt
        • a COMPLETE file, if the integration completed
    • Inspect the epoch directory once the invocation completes. Open and review sgi_log.txt for errors.
  8. Install a scheduled task to invoke samegoalintegrator.

    • On Windows, add a Windows Scheduled Task to invoke samegoalintegrator.exe.
    • On Linux, add a cron job to invoke samegoalintegrator.