Support > Online Guides > Technical Guide > SG-Agent is Microsoft Windows™ executable recommended for routine/automatic uploads. SG-Agent can be run as a program to streamline integration, an SFTP client, or both.

When run as a program to streamline integration, SG-Agent:

When used as an SFTP client, SG-Agent connects to a SameGoal SFTP server and uploads files using a directory structure recognized by SameGoal.

directions_walk STEPS

To use:

  1. Download
  2. On a host from which an ODBC connection can be established with the database server, extract the program files to a directory of your choice. If you have no other preference, extract these files to C:\sg-agent\.
  3. Place your OpenSSH-style public key ( and OpenSSH-style private key (id_rsa) in the certs directory (eg C:\sg-agent\certs\) to enable public/private key authentication. The keys are those generated when you configured your SFTP account.
  4. Modify config.txt (by default C:\sg-agent\config.txt) to meet the needs of your organization (see instructions below).
  5. Schedule a task to run C:\sg-agent\sg-agent.exe nightly.


SG-Agent is configured using a single text file located at C:\sg-agent\config.txt. The format of config.txt is:

Arguments for each command: