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directions_walk STEPS

SameGoal uses the eSchoolPLUS 360 API. Once you have configured the API for SameGoal, you may email the Base URL, Consumer Key and Consumer Secret for your district. Or, you may enter these items on your own in the SameGoal web interface as described below:

  • Login to SameGoal using an admin account.
  • Navigate to Settings > District Information > Details.
  • Under SunGard, click the add Integration Information button.
    • Base URL: Enter the base integration URL for your district. Only encrypted (HTTPS/SSL) URLs are allowed.
    • Consumer Key: Enter district SunGard consumer key.
    • Consumer Secret: Enter district SunGard consumer secret.

The integration will be attempted automatically the upcoming evening. If student/parent demographics are not seen the following day, can assist in identifying the issue and resolving.