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eSchoolPLUS Demographics Integration

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Districts use the eSchoolPLUS 360 API to streamline demographics integration.

To set up demographics integration with eSchoolPLUS:

  1. Open a case with PowerSchool support to configure the eSchoolPLUS 360 API for SameGoal.
    • It's often helpful to include the name of another district in your state using this integration so that PowerSchool support may reference that setup if there are questions.

  2. Configure the API Profile in eSchoolPLUS.
    • Consumer Key: (already set)
    • Vendor Description: SameGoal
    • Include Pre-Registered Students: Check
    • Include Out of District: Check
    • Active: Check
    • Log Level: 1 - Log Most Transactions (Default)
    • Authentication Method: OAuth 1.0 (Default)
    • Signature Method: HMAC-SHA-1 (Default)
    • Subscriptions: Check the following
      • Get eSchoolPLUS/School (v1)
      • Get eSchoolPLUS/Contact (v1)
      • Get eSchoolPLUS/ContactAddress (v1)
      • Get eSchoolPLUS/ContactPhone (v1)
      • Get eSchoolPLUS/StudentContact (v1)
      • Get eSchoolPLUS/Student (v1)
      • Get eSchoolPLUS/UDRegUser (v1)

After enabling the required endpoints, open the API Profile Endpoint Advanced Settings and check the Date of Birth checkbox.

  1. Enter eSchoolPLUS parameters into SameGoal.
    • Log in to SameGoal using an admin account.
    • Visit Settings > District Information > Details.
    • Under eSchoolPLUS, click the add Integration information button.
      • Base URL: Enter the base integration URL for your district. Only encrypted (HTTPS/SSL) URLs are allowed.
        • Example format: https:/ (where abc is taken from the consumer key shown below)
      • Consumer Key: Enter district eSchoolPLUS consumer key.
        • Example: OneRoster_ABC_123
      • Consumer Secret: Enter district eSchoolPLUS consumer secret.

The integration will be attempted automatically the upcoming evening. If student/parent demographics are not seen the following day, email for assistance debugging.