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WinSCP is a GUI program recommended for simple connection to your SFTP account and one-time uploads.

  • Supported platforms: Windows™
  • Connection requirements: Use your PPK-style private key (id_rsa.ppk) to connect.

directions_walk STEPS

To use:

  • Download the installation package from the WinSCP downloads page
  • After installing WinSCP, run it (eg. click the icon on your Desktop)
  • On the Login window, enter the following:
  • Click the Advanced... button. In the left menu, visit SSH > Authentication. Under Private key file, upload your PPK-style private key. Click OK.
  • Click the Login button. This should allow you to connect to your SFTP account.
  • A double-paned screen will open. From this screen, you will be able to view directories on your local computer on the left and directories in your SFTP account on the right. To transfer files securely, drag them across the pane.