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The All tab in the left menu when logged in shows ALL documents you have access to (whether or not they are on your caseload). This may be a very long list, if you have used the program for over many years. If you are an administrative user, you have access to documents district-wide under this tab.

To look at specific forms or do bulk actions, you can use the dropdown filters in the blue bar. The Show: All Forms dropdown shows every form that you have access to. In the Show: All Docs dropdown you can choose to filter between all, complete, or incomplete documents. Once you check off the student records you would like to change, the Actions dropdown menu lets you Complete and Delete documents. If you are an administrative user, you can also Incomplete documents form the Actions dropdown menu.

To find a document for a specific student, it may be most practical to search for the student under Students / create new in the left menu.

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  1. Use a filter button to show all complete documents.
  2. Use a filter button to show all completed IEPs only.
  3. Show all forms.