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You may add an unlimited number of attachments to any document. Use cases when it may be especially helpful to attach a scanned document include:

  • Signed signature pages
  • Examples of student work
  • Submitted documentation from third-parties for consideration
  • Clipboard tracking sheets to justify interim progress reports

directions_walk STEPS

To add/delete attachments:

  1. Visit the document in the program.
  2. Click the Attach link in the blue bar.
  3. To add an attachment, enter a filename (.pdf will be appended to the name). Choose a file, then click the Attach File button. The attachment will be added to the attachments list. To see the attachment, click the link.
  4. To delete an attachment, click the checkbox next to the document you wish to delete. Then visit Action > Delete. The document will disappear from the list.

lightbulb_outline TIP
Attachments can be ADDED after a document is completed.

lightbulb_outline TIP
Attachments cannot be DELETED after a document is completed. If an attachment should be deleted and the document is complete, contact your administrator to incomplete the document first. This functionality is designed so that additional important information may be attached after document completion, but cannot be removed after completion without administrative approval.

lightbulb_outline TIP
Only users with Is Owner or Can Edit permission to a document may add and remove attachments.

lightbulb_outline TIP
Only PDFs may be attached. If you have a file in another format, save it as a PDF, then attach the PDF.

assignment_turned_in TRY IT OUT

  1. Visit an IEP you are currently working on. Attach a PDF containing information about this student's IEP (eg signed signature page) to this document.
  2. Preview the document with attachments.
  3. Delete the attachment.