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Frequently used text may be stored for every text input and text box for any form in the program. By storing frequently used text in banks, users can avoid needing to rewrite common content for each document and can store powerful templates for fields that require long entry.

Text may be stored in banks at both the user and district level. User banks are stored at a per-user level and are accessible only to the user who stored their values. District banks are accessible to all users across the district. A value stored in a district bank for a field is automatically shown to all users in the district. Administrators who populate district banks may help their users across the district save significant time while authoring documents.

Name/gender pronoun substitution link

Banks support name and gender pronoun substitution. For example, in Jane Smith's document, if you had stored [name] will tie his shoes as a bank value, the text will be converted to Jane will tie her shoes. Write all bank values as if for male students to get correct gender substitution semantics (as in the example [Name] changed to Jane and his shoes changed to her shoes).

Topics link

Bank values can be stored by topic. To add a value to a topic, click the advanced button while editing the bank value. Add the topic. The bank value will now be grouped with any other bank values with the same topic. An example topic might be math sense or language comprehension.

Keywords link

Bank values can be stored with a keyword. Providing a keyword for a bank value is especially helpful when a bank value is very long. A good example is when banks are used to store evaluation templates that include large tables. If a bank value is given a keyword, the keyword will appear in the bank menu itself rather than the first few lines of the template. This can help you identify the bank value you are looking for more quickly.

To add a keyword to a bank value, click the advanced button while editing the bank value. Add the keyword. When you go to use this bank value, you will see the keyword rather than full sentences in the dropdown.

directions_walk Steps

  1. Visit the document you wish to store text for.
  2. Click in the field you wish to store text for.
  3. Click edit bank in the bottom of the dropdown.
  4. Click add to add a new value.
  5. Enter your value, then click done.
  6. You will see your new bank value as an option to select in the bank menu.
  7. To use a bank value, simply click it.
    • The bank value will be inserted into the destination field.
    • For one-line text inputs, the field value will be replaced.
    • For text boxes, the bank value will be added wherever your cursor is placed in the field.
  8. To delete a bank item, click the "X" at the top right of the item. NOTE: Users cannot delete, change or remove district bank values.

assignment_turned_in Try it out

  1. Add "Student will tie her shoes by..." as a bank value for a goal field in a document.
  2. Update this bank value to use name/gender substitution.
  3. Store this bank value under the Topic "Fine Motor Skills".
  4. Give this bank value a Keyword of "Tying Shoes".
  5. Insert bank value into the IEP.
  6. Delete a bank value.