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When collaborating with other staff regarding a particular student or document, it is often useful to discuss in real-time over chat.

directions_walk STEPS

To use chat:

  • In the left menu of the web application, there are two tabs: My Students and Online Colleagues.
  • The Online Colleagues tab displays all SameGoal users in your district who are currently also logged into SameGoal. To initiate a chat session, click your colleague's name.
  • Begin typing a message in the chat dialog window. Press enter to send the message.
  • You can also initiate a chat with a user who is working in the same document by clicking their name card at the top right, next to your username.
  • If a colleague sends you a message, a chat session will automatically open/re-open when the messages are received.
  • The last 30 messages between yourself and your colleague are initially loaded into each chat session and are available with scrollback.
  • Click the underscore in the top right corner of the chat box to minimize the chat box. Click the bar again to see the chat.
  • Click the "X" in the top right corner of the chat box to close the session.

To sign out of chat:

  • From the left menu, click the Online Colleagues tab, and click the dropdown menu arrow.
  • Click the Sign out of chat button.
  • To sign back into chat, click the button again.

lightbulb TIP
When you are signed out of chat, you will no longer see other colleagues who are signed into chat. However, your name card will still appear in the top right next to your username when you are in a document for collaborative editing.

lightbulb TIP
When you have multiple tabs open, signing in and out of one tab will sign in and out of all tabs.

lightbulb TIP
If you are chatting with another user and you sign out, the other user's chat dialogue window will state User signed out.

assignment_turned_in TRY IT OUT

  1. Send a chat to an online colleague from the Online Colleagues list.
  2. Sign out of chat. Then sign back in.
  3. Visit a document you know another colleague is currently working in. View where he/she is currently in the document from their name card.