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Real-time collaborative editing functionality in SameGoal makes concurrently working in the same document with other users a breeze.

Concurrent user icon link

When another user is working in the same document as you are, you will see a concurrent user icon for them in the top right. Hover over the icon to see which section(s) the user is currently working in. To easily begin a chat with a concurrent user, click their icon.

lightbulb Tip
A user will display in the hover card of the concurrent user icon as being in multiple sections if the user is working in the document in multiple browser tabs, in multiple sections.

Field lock link

As a concurrent user moves from field to field, the field they are in will appear covered and "locked". This lock prevents you from editing the same field at the same time, preventing data loss. You may work on all other fields meanwhile without interference. If a user is in a given field but inactive for greater than five minutes, they will be "ejected" from the field. This allows a new user to enter and edit, preventing obstruction.

lightbulb Tip
If your browser crashes or you lose network connectivity, you might be surprised to see yourself locking the field you were previously working in. Just hold tight - within a few minutes the system will clear your previous session from the field and you will be able to re-enter and edit.

Real-time updates link

As concurrent users make edits in a document you are working in, you will see their updates in near real-time. Each time a user makes an edit that is automatically saved, the user clicks out of a field, or a repeated section is added or removed, your view of the document is updated.

assignment_turned_in Try it out

  1. Visit a document you know another colleague is working in. Find the section and field he/she is working in.
  2. Ask your colleague to add information to the field they are in if they are not currently typing. Note that changes are in real time.
  3. Ask your colleague to move to another field so you may enter that field and edit the content.