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Most documents are automatically prefilled when created with any applicable student, parent and district information. Student and parent demographics are stored on the administrative side of SameGoal, and is the basis for much information prefill. This information is normally updated automatically via a nightly integration with your student information system. If you start a document months in advance, you may wish to get an updated copy of student or parent information just before the meeting. You'll typically find an Update Student/Parent Info button at the top of any section that prefills information. When this button is clicked, an updated copy of the prefill information is entered.

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If the updated information is repeated (eg multiple parents allowed on a form), newly updated information will appended at the end of the repeated items list rather than replace any item. In this case, you'll need to delete any older info. For updating Progress Reports it is best practice to remove the incorrect data before clicking the Update button. This is especially helpful when a Progress Report was created before the newest IEP has been completed.

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Automatic copy also often occurs while writing a document. For example, after entering a meeting date, this meeting date may automatically copy in as the default start date for any IEP-related services.

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If the original source of information copied in changes over time, the destination field will not be automatically overwritten so as to not inadvertently change content within the document without an author's notice.

assignment_turned_in Try it out

  1. Visit an incomplete IEP. Use an Update button to update parent information.
  2. Remove excess parent information from the IEP.
  3. Visit an incomplete progress report. Use an Update button to insert updated goals.
  4. Remove unneeded goals.