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Each user has a unique account in SameGoal for each district they work with (if more than one).

Find your district login page link

Your login page will be located at a URL of the format{{domain}}, where domain is typically your district's email domain.

We recommend each district provides a link to the district-specific login page for their users, so they need not search each time they login. Users can also bookmark or create a desktop shortcut for their login page.

lightbulb Tip
If your district uses ClassLink, the SameGoal app icon may have been added to your district's LaunchPad and single sign on may be configured through ClassLink. Check for SameGoal's app icon on the LaunchPad, then click it if found. As long as you are logged into the LaunchPad, you will be immediately authenticated and redirected into the SameGoal web application. Login to the LaunchPad first before logging into SameGoal.

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