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District-Specific Login Page link

Each SameGoal district has a district-specific login page. This login page is located at https://samegoal.com/iep/a/<domain>. The domain for your district is most commonly your email domain. We recommend districts provide a link to the district-specific login page for their users.

directions_walk STEPS

Example User: Bob Smith, who works at Happy Meadow City School District (email address bsmith@happymeadow.k12.oh.us), would login as follows:

  1. Navigate to your district-specific login page (eg https://samegoal.com/iep/a/happymeadow.k12.oh.us).
  2. Confirm you are on the correct page by looking at the name of the district (eg "Happy Meadow City School District") and your login page check icon (eg "green shield") at the top of the Sign In box.
  3. Enter your username (eg "bsmith") and password (eg "bsmith's password").
  4. Click the blue Sign In button.

District Directory link

If you are unable to locate your district-specific login page, you may search to find it using the district directory.

directions_walk STEPS

  1. When on the SameGoal home page click the Sign In button at the top right corner of the screen. Alternatively, you may browse to the district directory page.
  2. Search for your district by typing the district name, city or domain name into the search box.
  3. Click on your district name in the listed districts.
  4. Follow the steps for logging in from the District-Specific Login Page above to login.

lightbulb TIP
If you are on the incorrect district-specific login page, click the Change district link to go back to the district directory page.

Trouble Logging In? link

assignment_turned_in TRY IT OUT

  1. Login from your district-specific domain.
  2. Logout.