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Documents may be previewed in-screen. From a document preview, you can either print, pop-out or download the PDF.

directions_walk STEPS

  1. Visit a document you wish to preview or print.
  2. Click the printer icon in the right of the toolbar.
  3. In the printer dropdown menu, you will see options to print/preview:
    • Full Document
    • Full Document + Attachments (if any)
    • Viewing (any section(s) you are currently viewing)
    • Additional Views (if any)
  4. Click the document you wish to preview/print.
  5. You'll see Print, Download, and Pop-out options in the top right next to the Exit Preview button.
    • Print brings up an auto-print dialog on most browsers to directly print the document.
    • Pop-out opens a new browser tab which shows the PDF directly. This PDF view can be copied/pasted from (not image-based like the preview).
    • Download downloads the PDF to be locally saved on your computer. This downloaded PDF may be emailed as an attachment or stored.
  6. Click the Exit Preview button to leave preview and return to editing the document.

lightbulb TIP
Print options vary based on browser support.

  • Chrome - When you choose Download, the document will download onto your computer without further prompting. You will need to manually open the file from wherever it is saved (usually your Downloads directory).
  • Edge and Safari - You will only see the Download and Print options.
  • Android and iPhone devices - You will see only the Print option, which downloads the document directly to your computer or device.

assignment_turned_in TRY IT OUT

  1. Print a section from the IEP.
  2. Pop-Out an entire document.
  3. Download a document to your computer and open the PDF.