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You may richly format text using the application toolbar in any multi-line field. This allows you to create richly formatted documents, including tables and lists, and allows you to easily copy/paste from other programs while maintaining original formatting.

directions_walk Steps

Using the toolbar link

Highlighting text link

Select the text you wish to highlight. Click the Text background color button (lowercase "a" with a yellow highlight) in the toolbar and select a color.

Tables link

Tables may be inserted by clicking the Table Menu button (square) in the toolbar. After clicking on the drop-down menu choose the number of columns and rows desired by dragging your pointer across and down. Once a table has been inserted, the table may be further modified (rows and columns add/deleted) by clicking in the table, then choosing from the Table Menu button in the toolbar.

Aligning text link

Lining up text in a text box on the web can be difficult. Using the Tab key on the keyboard will move you to the next field, not insert a tab character. The Insert Tab button inserts 5 spaces. If you have text which must align, you might try using a table or changing your text to use a monospace font (a font in which all characters have the same width). This will allow you to line characters up accurately.

Editing HTML link

To edit HTML, click Additional formatting > Edit HTML in the toolbar. The window will show all entered text in its native HTML format as stored in the database. This option is helpful for technical debugging, but is not generally used by casual document writers.

Removing formatting link

Removing formatting is usually most helpful when you copy/paste from another program, and the formatting doesn't appear as you like. To remove all formatting in a textbox:

lightbulb Tip
"My document looks funny!"

Text boxes retain all formatting when you copy/paste from another program into SameGoal. Sometimes, the content you copy in may be have formatting issues that you may not be able to see without inspecting the underlying HTML. In practice, this may make your document look stretched out, have things appear in the wrong place, or shrink.

When this happens, try to determine the text box that may be the problem. Then, remove all formatting in the box using the above instructions. If that does not work, try another box until the problem is resolved. You can narrow down the problematic section of the document if there are multiple sections by previewing each section individually. Only the section(s) with formatting issues will cause a problematic preview/print.

assignment_turned_in Try it out

  1. Highlight a portion of text red. Increase the font to 18pt.
  2. Create a table with three columns and four rows.
  3. Remove all formatting from a field.
  4. Underline a sentence. Center align the sentence.